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Yamuna Body Rolling

woman rolling ball under hip

If you've ever tried foam rolling, Yamuna body rolling might just be for you.

Through a series of isolated movements, you'll improve posture, tone muscles and maybe even get that "yoga high."

Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) uses various sized balls to free myofascial restrictions. YBR work follows each muscle from origin to insertion to create positive, permanent changes in the body.

Emphasis is on stimulating the bone as well as soft tissue to create better bone health and increased range of motion. Benefits of YBR include pain relief, a toned core and elongated spine.

Section I Saturday | January 25 | 2:15-3:45P | $26 | #219903-1

Tight hips and a sore lower back take all the fun out of exercising and living your life. Learn specific routines to increase hip flexibility and mobility. Focus on ways to reduce pain in the lower back and pelvic floor.

Section II Saturday | February 22 | 2:15-3:45P | $26 | #219903-2

Shoulder impairments and neck tightness can cause headaches, wrist pain and even breathing difficulty. Focus on improving shoulder mobility as well as reducing upper back pain and neck tightness.

All levels; must be comfortable getting up and down from floor. Age: 16+ 

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