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Why is My Electric Bill High?

Post Date:08/07/2019 1:49 PM

Frustrated by a high electric bill this month? We hear you. Loveland Water and Power is committed to helping customers understand their bill and their usage. Consider these reasons if you are seeing a higher than normal bill this month:

Summer Rates

From July to September, Loveland Water and Power bills electricity on the summer rate, which is 1.8 cents higher than the non-summer electric rate. This seasonal increase in electric rates is necessary to meet the demand for electricity when we all start cranking those air conditioning units. As we pull more electricity to cool our homes and offices, the power plant has to work harder to supply it. Sometimes the power plant can’t produce enough electricity to meet demand and we turn to alternative electricity sources or buy electricity from other companies. That’s why you pay more for electricity during the summer than you do at other times in the year.     

Billing Cycle Length

The number of days in a billing cycle can vary from month to month, with that variance being as high as 8 days sometimes. That means you could be paying for a few more days of service than you’re accustomed to once in a while. Why does the billing cycle length change from month to month? Many electric meters in the Loveland Water and Power service area are still read by in-person crews. They try to follow a regular schedule but sometimes holidays, outages, and other events force them to make adjustments. You can find the length of your billing cycle directly to the right of the service period dates on your bill (roughly the bottom half of the page). Check out our guide to understanding your utility bill.


Scientists are calling July 2019 the hottest month on record with temperatures in Loveland and around the globe soaring to historic highs. If you have any kind of cooling system in your home, cooling costs can account for up to half of your summer electric bill. Chances are, that AC has been working harder to keep your home comfortable this last month.

Tips for Saving Energy This Summer

  1. Turn your thermostat up! Turning up your thermostat while you’re away can save up to 10% on cooling costs.
  2. Close the blinds. Blocking out the sun during the hottest part of the day will help keep your house cooler.
  3. Avoid using the oven during the hottest part of the day. Instead, consider purchasing a toaster oven or grilling outside.
  4. Take advantage of Loveland Water and Power rebates on energy-efficient products. We offer rebates on smart thermostats, energy efficient lightbulbs, air conditioning units, insulation, energy efficient windows, and more.
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