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When looking up a subdivision, search for either the full name (if you know it) or a partial name that will get you close to what you are looking for. Here are a few useful tips that may help you find information in the list:

At the top left, click in the pink box to either hide or show the search box. This is helpful when you just want to scroll down on the side of the page and look through the alphabetical list of plats manually.

If you know the full legal name OR partial name information you can use the search bar to help you find it on the page. The search bar will find anything that is on the page so if you know the plat number, but you do not know the name try searching for the number. Try searching for 643CC, you will find that the plat number is assigned to MILLENNIUM NW FOURTH SUBDIVISION.

You can also search for a partial name if you don’t know the full legal name. For example, if you are interested in seeing the plat for LOCUST PARK ADDITION, REPLAT OF BLOCKS 1, 9, 10 & 11 but you are not sure what the full legal name is but you know that it says Locust Park, you can type “Locust Park” or “Locust” into the search bar and click the button that says, “Find On Page.”

The page will now show you the first match that gets you closer to what you are looking for. In this example, the first match to the word “locust” is Plat #200, LOCUST PARK ADDITION. If the search bar is in your way, remember that you can always click the little pink button to minimize it. To show the search bar to perform a different search, click on the pink button again and type your new search criteria (i.e Millennium, Rose, Zodiac, etc.)

Notice that when you click on the pink box, the “-“ minimize button changes to “+” letting the user know that the search box can be maximized to perform a new search.