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Art in Public Places

30 Years of Public Art in Loveland

Through the conjoined efforts of private organizations, individual philanthropists, city government and accomplished artists, Loveland has developed a strong reputation as an engaged art community and has established an ideal creative environment for artists and art-lovers alike.




First Arists


A group of Loveland sculptors and community leaders come up with the idea for a sculpture show as an

 opportunity to showcase the work of local artists, promote business for the bronze foundries in town and generate funds for a sculpture park. 

The Loveland High Plains Arts Council is formed and the 1st Sculpture in the Park show is held with 50 participating artists, 2000 people attending and sculpture sales of nearly $50,000.

High Plains Warrior by George Walbye


A Founder’s Group comprised of local philanthropists Doug & Lynne Erion, First National Bank President Darrell Brubaker, and City of Loveland Mayor Ray Reeb generously donates funds to begin the development of the sculpture park on land that had been previously given to the city by the Benson family. 

With the purchase and installation of High Plains Warrior/Wind Song by George Walbye and A Friend Indeed by Dan Ostermiller, Benson Sculpture Park becomes a reality. 

A Friend Indeed by Dan OstermillerLoveland becomes the 1st city in Colorado to enact an “Art in Public Places” (AIPP) ordinance which earmarks 1% of all major capital budgets for the purchase of art for the city.

Art in Public Places added to Loveland Museum’s responsibilities resulting in creation of City of Loveland Cultural Services Department.



The Need to Know by Hollis Williford
Departure by George Lundeen


Departure by George Lundeen is donated by Mrs. Margaret Foote to the City of Loveland AIPP program. The sculpture is temporarily installed at Benson Park until construction at the new Civic Center is finished.

The Need to Know by Hollis Williford is donated by Ms. Iva McKee to the AIPP program. This sculpture is installed in front of the library at the new Civic Center.


Winning the Iron Shirt by Fritz White1987

Winning the Iron Shirt by Fritz White, donated to City of Loveland AIPP program with funds from the Beautification Board installed at the North entry on highway 287.




The Rockies by Alfred Wands


Twenty-one additional pieces of sculpture are installed in Benson Park.




Salient Fluke by Phillip McTaggart


Susan P. Ison, Director, City of Loveland Cultural Services Department, receives Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts.




Colorado Sun by Gerald Balciar1991

The Loveland High Plains Arts Council is recipient of Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts.




Grandpa the Storyteller by Victor Issa


Sculpture in the Park celebrates its 10th Anniversary with 153 participating artists, 15,000 people attending and sculpture sales of over $400,000.

Thirty-eight sculptures grace the grounds of Benson Sculpture Park.


Tortugas del Mar by Paul Baliker


Ten years after the City of Loveland adopted the One Percent for the Arts ordinance, the Art in Public Places collection has grown to 130 individual pieces of artwork.



Water Carriers by Herb Mignery


The Water Carriers, a monumental sculpture by Herb Mignery, is installed at the Loveland Visitor’s Center as a collaborative project between the Loveland High Plains Arts Council and City of Loveland Visual Arts Commission.



Loving the Moment by Kathleen Caricof2000

Benson Sculpture Garden’s permanent collection of sculpture grows to 61 pieces.

Sculpture in the Park sells a record-setting $1 million in sculpture.



Shelter Cove by Mary Regat2001-2002

Seventeen more pieces are added to Benson Sculpture Garden, bringing the total to seventy-eight pieces valued at over $2.5 million.




River by Dale Claude Lamphere


Twenty-two more pieces are added to Benson Sculpture Garden, bringing the total to 109 pieces valued at over $3.5 million.



Molly, Deeter and Susie by Pat Kennedy


The Art in Public Places program contains 305 individual works of art with an estimated value of $7.5 million. Seventy-three percent of the collection has been donated to the City of Loveland. 



Red and Blue Pony by Kevin Box2008

Seven new pieces placed in the permanent collection at Benson Sculpture Garden, bringing the total to 123 pieces valued at $3.8 million.




Aqualung by John Moore2009

The Art Advocacy Project (TAAP) and Transformations are introduced to allow artists to showcase their work on the streets of Loveland.




Nature Wonders II by Michele Moushey Dale


Twenty-two additional sculptures are installed in Benson Sculpture Garden.




Equinox by Doug Erion, Doug Rutledge, and Jack Kreutzer


Equinox is installed at Highway 34 and I-25 and included an extensive amount of public outreach.



AIPP celebrates 30 years.

Twelve additional pieces are installed in Benson Sculpture Garden bringing the total number to 148. The complete AIPP collection now includes 465 sculptures and 2-D pieces.



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