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Department of Housing and Urban Development

Funds are granted by the City of Loveland to organizations that provide housing and opportunities or decrease poverty in the community by supporting agencies that serve low income households. The Affordable Housing Commission works with the Community Partnership Office Administrator to allocate funds for Bricks and Mortar projects.


Consolidated Planning Process

Assessment of Fair Housing:  Assessment of Fair Housing

Citizen Participation Plan: Citizen Participation Plan Draft

                To make a comment on the CITIZEN PARTICIPATION PLAN,

                Please email Alison Hade at or

                Call (970) 962-2517

Consolidated Plan: HUD Consolidated Plan  Resume Ejecutivo

Annual Action Plans

                Year 2: Annual Action Plan Year 2

                Year 3: Annual Action Plan Year 3

                Year 4: Annual Action Plan Year 4

                Year 5: Annual Action Plan Year 5

Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report

                Year 1: Caper Year 1 2015-2016

                Year 2: Caper Year 2 2016-2017

                Year 3: Caper Year 3 2017-2018

                Year 4: Caper Year 4 2018-2019

                Year 5: Caper Year 5 2019-2020 in process 

Citizen Annual Performance Evaluation Report 

EPA Brochure- Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home