Project Update

The final report is in progress, and is on the schedule to be presented to Council at the December 3, 2019 meeting.

Staff will be presenting information to the following groups:

1/6/2020 - Transportation Advisory Board

2/10/2020- Downtown Development Authority

2/12/2020 - Citizens' Finance Advisory Commission

2/17/2020 - Historic Preservation Commission 

2/17/2020 - Loveland Downtown Partnership

2/19/2020 - Loveland Utilities Commission

2/24/2020 - Planning Commission


Project Purpose

The City of Loveland is planning for future development needs in the City of Loveland Heart Improvement Plan (HIP). This study will evaluate the current condition of infrastructure in the Downtown Loveland Area and make recommendations on the future utility improvements and corridors for utility. The investigation of infrastructure in the downtown area will require cooperation and notification of many downtown businesses. 

Updates will be posted here along with the schedule for utility assessments.

Project Goals

  • Evaluate and assess the condition of all City owned utilities with the HIP Streets area.
  • Provide an update to the City's infrastructure database to accurately account for all known utilities.
  • Create budget estimates for infrastructure improvements to forecast future projects. 


Q: Is redevelopment being reviewed and compared to the HIP Streets Plan?
A: Yes. Development Review Team is referencing the HIP Streets Plan while reviewing proposals.

Q: What is being done to protect business owners of potential hardships when upgrading outside?
A: Sanitary sewer upgrades: Owners replacing individual sewer services in coordination with the project would receive savings by eliminating the need for restoration activities. All other utilities need further discussions and reviews.

Q: Is the team looking at alleys? Most of the business problems arise in alleys since so many utilities are located here.
A: Yes. Alley infrastructure is being assessed, but the HIP Streets Plan does NOT include aesthetic improvements in the alleys.

Q:  What is the timeline to proceed with improvements? When the projects start happening, will everything be done at same time? Wouldn’t one major impact be better and provide savings?
A: The infrastructure assessment will provide decision makers more precise data to make those decisions.

Q: The Loveland Fire Rescue Authority (LFRA) has been encouraging all businesses to install fire sprinkler systems. Is this a consideration to the plan?
A: Yes. All new water-mains will be a minimum of 8” diameter or in-kind diameter if existing waterlines are greater than 8” diameter. This will help address capacity needs for interior systems. LFRA has completed the fire hydrant spacing review and existing hydrants are adequately spaced.

Q: Is the team reviewing up-sizing utilities in anticipation of future developments?
A: The goal of the project is to provide an estimate and sequenced phasing plan for replacement of the existing infrastructure to current standards. If future development or re-development is proposed, the HIP Streets assessment would be used in conjunction with the developer’s plans to ensure best coordination of the project and the HIP Streets plan.