Alteration Certificates and Design Review

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Milner Preservation WorkProperties that have been designated on the Loveland Historic Register go through an additional review process when proposing exterior alterations, to ensure that all changes are compatible with the historic character of the building. Any exterior modification involving properties designated on the Loveland Historic Register requires a Landmark Alteration Approval. No building permit or any other work authorization will be issued by the City until a Landmark Alteration Approval is complete. The following items are exempt from this review process: interior remodeling (unless doors or windows are affected), re-painting of features that were already painted, and some minor maintenance work.

Historic designation does not seek to freeze a buildng in time. Rather, the intent is to preserve character defining features of a significant property, while allowing careful and deliberate changes. The Historic Preservation Commission uses the adopted Secretary of Interior Standards to inform new construction, additions, development, restoration, or any other major exterior changes.

If you are considering making any exterior modifications to your Historic Landmark Property, please contact the preservation staff to obtain an alteration application for approval.

For more information contact Nikki Garshelis at 970-962-2346 or