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Loveland has a unique history that can be seen and understood within the entire fabric of the community. Commercial buildings, homes, cultural landscapes, farms, and even transportation infrastructure tell the story of our past and help us understand our roots and who we are. In 1999 the City recognized the important role that these historic assets play in Loveland’s identity and compiled the ‘Loveland Historic Preservation Survey’ to determine existence of the quantity and quality of Loveland’s historic resources. The City then formed a historic preservation program to allow for the preservation and celebration of its historic resources.

The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) was established to be proactive about saving Loveland’s historic treasures and are charged with protecting Loveland's historic character. The HPC is comprised of 7 volunteer members who advise and assist owners of historic properties on physical and financial aspects of preservation, renovation, rehabilitation, and reuse, including nomination to the local, state or National Register of Historic Places. To avoid the loss of Loveland's historic treasures, the HPC carefully reviews demolition and relocation permit applications for properties that are on the Loveland Historic Preservation Survey.

To find out if your property is on the Loveland Historic Preservation Survey, click here to create a property report for your address. You can also search our databse of properties on the survey here:

If your property is on the Survey, you will be required to submit the Historic Demo Submittal Checklist and accompanying drawings and photos with your building permit application


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