Milner-Schwarz House

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Milner-Schwarz HouseIn 2010, the City of Loveland partnered with the Loveland Historical Society to complete an exterior stabilization and restoration of the Milner-Schwarz house located at 710 S. Railroad Ave., adjacent to Fairgrounds Park. The project was completed in 2011 with financial support from the Colorado State Historical Fund (SHF), the City of Loveland, and the Loveland Historical Society. The  Loveland Historical Society provides the day-to-day management of the house and grounds, as well as any interior improvements.


Over the past several years the Loveland Historical Society restored and furnished the interior of the house, landscaped the grounds, installed a community garden, a garden railroad, and a windmill.  They conduct regular tours, hold events and provide information about the house's history and value to the Loveland Community.

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