Property Zoning Information

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Property Information

Do you want to know how a particular property is zoned and / or if there are any agreements or special reviews associated with the property? Click here for Property Information.


The Property Information page looks like this:

Put in the Street Number (leave out the Street Name); If you do not know the Street Number then you can put in the Street Name; OR you can locate the property on the map by clicking on the question icon and then clicking on the map. On the left hand side of this map you will see a vertical bar that allows you to expand the screen.

After you have located the property, click on the “Submit” Button. Use the drop down menu to chose an address when you find it – Click on the “Submit” Button. Then click on the “Create Report” Button.

If you are looking for Zoning it appears on the 5th row. There is a blue hyperlink associated with the zoning classification if you click on it then it will take you to our Municipal Code which gives you the uses permitted on the property/setbacks etc… Each item in the list which is underlined and in blue is a direct link that can be viewed by clicking on it.