Downtown Design Standards

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The LOVELAND DOWNTOWN DESIGN STANDARDS document was a project by the Loveland Historic Preservation Commission(LHPC), the Loveland Downtown Development Authority(DDA) and City Staff to offer an illustrative guide of the development and rehabilitation process for buildings in historic downtown Loveland.  The standards are a summary of the Downtown Standards in the 2018 Council approved Unified Development Code (UDC).  Click on the document below to open it.


PURPOSE:  Downtown Loveland is the heart of the community and was listed in the National Register of Historic Places as a National Historic District in 2015 by the National Park Service.  Centered on East 4th Street and roughly bounded by Railroad Avenue and Jefferson Avenue, including a two-block span of Railroad Avenue, the District has served as the center of economic activity in Loveland since the late 19th century. Its historic buildings contribute to the City’s unique character, foster community pride and attract heritage visitors. 

Given the importance of downtown, all aspects of downtown development should be designed for both function and aesthetics, while complementing the historic character of this unique community asset.  It is of upmost importance that the design preserves a “sense of place” to ensure Downtown Loveland maintains its unique charm and personality.

The Downtown Design Standards provide direction for the construction and rehabilitation of downtown buildings, particularly focusing on the exterior appearance of existing buildings, along with the design of new structures and additions.  These standards help assure new development is compatible with the character and scale of existing buildings.

Property and business owners are making aesthetic and structural improvements to their buildings as part of their economic investment strategy.  In this process, an emphasis will be placed on repairing and/or restoring a building to its own unique design and architectural and historical integrity.  The Design Standards serve as a glue that binds the downtown together by encouraging individual designs and advocating for actions that will maximize the collective value of Downtown Loveland visually and economically.