CLG History Colorado Grant Survey

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Historic properties are identified primarily through the completion of historic property surveys.  A survey reviews properties within a specific geographical area.  It could be a single block of properties or an entire city. The purpose of the survey can vary.  It may identify eligible historic properties in the survey area or it may focus on the eligibility of properties relating to a particular theme (such as commerce, agriculture, or ethnic heritage).

In 2019, under the guidance and support of the Loveland Historic Preservation Commission, the City of Loveland was awarded Certified Local Government (CLG) grant funds from History Colorado, the state office,  to conduct a themed survey of 20-25 properties that relate to the Sugar Beet Industry and/or German from Russia immigrant population.  The City of Loveland contracted with Cultural Resource Historians to complete the work.  A special thankyou to Carl McWilliams for his expertise and hard work on this project!

Below you will find the Survey Report and Intensive Inventory Forms of the properties in the survey area

Survey Report


329 East 3rd Street  720 East 6th Street 504 East 11th Street
442 East 3rd Street  726 East 6th Street 634 East 12th Street
500 East 3rd Street  732 East 6th Street 921 North Jefferson Avenue
541 East 3rd Street  738 East 6th Street 948 North Jefferson Avenue
803 East 4th Street  744 East 6th Street 753 North Monroe Avenue
715 East 5th Street  404 East 7th Street 761 North Monroe Avenue
733 East 5th Street  624 East 7th Street 770 North Washington Avenue
745 East 5th Street   759 East 7th Street Sugar Factory
714 East 6th Street  549 East 8th Street Great Western Railway Depot