Financial Reports

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If you would like more information about the financial reporting provided or if you have any questions, please call the Finance Department at 970.962.2318. 

Monthly Financial SnapShot Reports:
Highlights revenue performance with a graphical look at sales tax, use tax, property tax, fees and charges, as well as other revenue with comparisons to prior year actual results and current year budget projections. 
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Monthly Sales Tax Reports:
An in-depth look at sales tax and use tax with an analysis of the major drivers of month-to-month and year-over-year performance. It also includes graphical comparisons to budgeted sales and use tax revenue streams. 
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Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR):
The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) includes the results of the City's annual financial audit, management discussion and analysis, comprehensive financial statements and various statistical reports.
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Annual Budget Reports:
The City has an annual budget cycle. This page contains the previously adopted budget and capital budget. 
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Airport Audit Reports:
The Airport Audit is an audit report done annually to ensure the financial position and results of operations of the airport as measured by the financial activity of the airport.
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Administrative Services Annual Reports:
Administrative Services is a structural reporting group that includes the Finance Department and Information Technology Department. Below are the most current department annual reports.
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Schedule of Rates, Charges, & Fees:
This schedule is a list of rates, charges and fees for various items sorted by department.
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Loveland Urban Renewal Authority Reports:
The Loveland Urban Renewal Authority (LURA) is responsible for coordinating urban revitalization activities throughout the community and is charged with eliminating and preventing blighted areas. This report is the annual audit done on the three URAs in Loveland.
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Financial Sustainability Strategies:
The City of Loveland uses a 10-year financial planning horizon. Last year, the Plan indicated that General Fund revenues would exceed General Fund expenditures annually by an average of $3.5 million 2012-2020. Therefore the City engaged in a process to achieve financial sustainability over that time by engaging the public and identifying a strategy for balancing future budgets. Recommendations were developed pursuant to the principles adopted by City Council, and reflecting the policy views and priorities expressed by the City Council and the public. The resulting strategy includes both expenditure reductions and revenue increases, as the Council and the public indicated was desirable. The cumulative impact from recommended actions will mount over the next decade to $33.5 million ($22.6 million in cost reductions, $6.6 million in revenue). The recommended actions consist of 81% cost reductions and 19% in revenues benefiting the General Fund for 2012. The strategy is also phased in over a number of years. Savings from early actions allow phased-in reductions in cost over the time period. City Council formally approved the strategy June 7, 2011. 
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