Monthly Financial SnapShot

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Highlights revenue performance with a graphical look at sales tax, use tax, property tax, fees and charges, as well as other revenue with comparisons to prior year actual results and current year budget projections.

Below are the current year's reports and the previous 2 years. All other archives are available upon request. To request a copy, please click here to email us.





 2017 Reports  2016 Reports 2015 Reports 
January 2017  January 2016

January 2015

February 2017  February 2016 February 2015
 March 2016 March 2015
   April 2016 April 2015
   May 2016 May 2015
   June 2016 June 2015
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   August 2016 August 2015
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   November 2016 November 2015
   December 2016 December 2015

Click here for a map of the GEO Codes used within the SnapShot reports.