Internal Auditing

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Welcome to Internal Auditing!

Administrative Offices:
500 East Third Street, Ste. 320
Loveland, CO 80537
Phone: (970) 962-2313
Fax: (970) 962-2918

Who Are We?
The purpose of the Internal Audit Division is to assist the City in safeguarding its resources by promoting an economical, efficient, and effective business environment based on sound and practical internal controls. All Internal Auditing endeavors are to be conducted in compliance with City objectives and policies.

Examples of audits and services performed include:

  • Annual financial statement audits per grant requirements and department requests.
  • Compliance audits of various programs as needed or required.
  • Annual payroll reimbursement audits of department activities.
  • Annual purchasing card audits of department activities.
  • Internal control reviews of various departments and financial statement categories.
  • Agreed Upon Procedure audits on an as needed basis.
  • Consulting services to the various departments on an as needed basis.
  • Other miscellaneous auditing services required by departments, such as safeguarding City assets.

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