Meter Reading

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Welcome to Meter Reading!

Administrative Offices:
200 North Wilson Avenue
Loveland, CO 80537
Phone: (970) 962-3390
Fax: (970) 962-3401

Who Are We?
The City of Loveland meter readers manually read over 35,400 electric meters and 26,100 water meters on a monthly basis. They carry a City of Loveland photo identification card and wear shirts or jackets bearing the City of Loveland logo. They also drive vehicles marked with the City of Loveland logo. If you have any doubts about someone claiming to be a city meter reader, please call us at 970.962.3390 for verification.

Many of the electric meters in the older parts of town are located on the back or side of the house which requires the meter reader to enter the yard to obtain the reading. We need your help to keep them safe while they complete their meter routes. Locked gates and dogs in the yard are two of the most common access problems. Meter readers will sometimes knock on the front door to ask for help if the dogs appear threating or if the gate is locked. Utility customers who aren’t home may receive a door hanger asking them to contact the meter reader’s office to discuss options available regarding their meter reading.

  1. The first option is to be added to the ‘customer call list’ where the customer is contacted by telephone one working day prior to their meter route being read each month. The customer then can leave the gate unlocked, put the dog in a kennel or inside the house and in some cases leave the back porch or patio door unlocked if the meter is located inside the porch or patio.
  2. The second option is the ‘card read’ program. The customer is sent a year’s supply of ‘Please Read Your Electric Meter’ postcards that have the face of the electric meter printed on them. The customer takes the postcard out to the electric meter on a scheduled date each month and marks the position of the pointers on each of the dials of the electric meter on the card and returns it to the City of Loveland. Some of the electric meters have digital readings and in that case the reading is written on the postcard and returned.
  3. The third option is a combination of the first two options where the customer is contacted by telephone and then reads the electric meter to us over the telephone.

Landscaping also can present challenges to accessing and reading the electric and water meters. If customers have tree branches or bushes blocking their meters doing some trimming around the meter will make it more accessible.

The meter readers read the routes in all types of weather. Reading meters is great on a day with beautiful weather but the routes are read when it’s cold and snowy and in the rain too!

The meter reading crew appreciates your cooperation while reading the meter routes. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the City of Loveland meter reading procedures please call us at 970.962.3390.