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Sales Tax Rate Change:

Effective January 1, 2019, the overall City of Loveland sales tax rate will increase to 6.70%.  This change is a result of the Larimer County rate increase from 0.55% to 0.80%.

Stores that are located in the PIF & RSF area ONLY, the combined sales tax rate and PIF/RSF rate will increase to 7.823%

Wayfair vs. South Dakota Ruling:

The City of Loveland follows definitions and regulations of the State of Colorado related to out-of-city retailers pursuant to LMC 3.16.020(B). The Wayfair decision has not been fully addressed by the State of Colorado General Assembly or the Colorado Department of Revenue. At this time, discussions are occurring at the state and local level to reach a resolution on the taxability of remote sellers. In the interim, all of the City’s rules and regulations are the same as they were prior to the Wayfair decision. Please visit the “Regulations” tab for the City’s Out of City Businesses regulation for more information.