Overdue Accounts

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Notice of Discontinuance
If your bill is not paid 25 days after the billing date, you will receive a Notice of Discontinuance. To avoid having your services shut off, pay your bill by the date and time indicated on the Notice of Discontinuance. To avoid a late payment fee, pay your utility bill by the date and time indicated on the Notice of Discontinuance. A late payment fee damages your credit with the City. To reestablish good credit, you must have 12 consecutive months without a late payment.

Delinquent Disconnection and Reconnection Change

In a continuing effort to improve efficiency of operations and improve safety for city personnel, the Revenue Division contracted with Utility Sales and Service (USS) to perform the disconnections and reconnections for delinquent utility accounts.

USS vehicles have a sign identifying them as part of the City’s team. Personnel have shirts with the USS name, and personnel wear a photo identification badge noting them as a City contractor.

If you have questions, please call Utility Billing at 970-962-2111.

Payment Extensions
If you cannot make your utility payment, contact the Utility Billing Office at least one business day prior to the scheduled shut-off date to determine if you are eligible for an extension.

Final Notices
Final notices are mailed about 37 days after the billing date for the current charges. Utilities will be shut off no sooner than eight days later. Payments need to be received by the date and time shown on the final notice. Do not mail the payment because it may not reach us before your services are shut off.

Discontinuation of Service
If you cannot pay your bill, call Utility Billing at 970.962.2111 prior to discontinuance of service; you may be eligible for an extension.

Utility service will be shut off if you do not pay your bill, or make and keep payment arrangements. Overdue charges must be paid to restore service. A fee will be added to your utility account for each meter turned on.