Other Payment Information

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Returned Checks
The City charges a fee, billed to your utility account, for a returned check. Payment for the returned check amount may be made at the Utility Billing Office, online or by calling our automated phone system at 970-962-2311, option 1.

Third Party Notification
Third party notification alerts another person that your utilities may soon be shut off. The third party receives notification, but is not responsible for paying the bill. This service often prevents unnecessary shut-offs. Call 970.962.2111 or send an e-mail to arrange the notification.

If you are taking a long vacation, notify the Utility Billing Office. This may prevent having your utilities shut off because of an overdue account. You may make advance utility payments. Call the Utility Billing Office at 970.962.2111 or send an e-mail to arrange for vacation payments.

Budget Billing
Is it easier for you to pay a set monthly charge rather than to budget for a bill that changes every month? Budget billing may be your answer. Budget billing is a program established for customers who want a fixed monthly payment for their utility bill. The budget amount is determined by calculating the average of the last 12 bills at your location. (All-electric customers: your budget amount will be calculated differently if you choose to set up budget billing October through March.)

Customers on the residential and small general service (small businesses) rates are eligible for budget billing. All accounts must be at a zero balance, have billed for 12 full months at the location, and may only have had one late fee in that 12-month period.

With budget billing, payment extensions are not available. The customer or the City can stop budget billing at any time. The yearly settle up occurs in April. When an account is closed, the settle up occurs with the next bill.

If you are interested in or would like to set up Budget Billing, send an e-mail, call Utility Billing at 970.962.2111, or stop by our office at 500 E. 3rd St., Suite 100, Loveland, CO.