Fitness Court®

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Fitness Court®

Thank You To Our Fitness Court® Sponsor UCHealth

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Fitness Court® Location

The Loveland Fitness Court® is located at Fairgrounds Park - 700 S. Railroad Ave. in Loveland, Colorado.

Parking is available in the lot at 405 S. Cleveland Ave.

Fitness Court® Classes

Enjoy Free Fitness Court Classes

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Provided free of charge courtesy of our partner UCHealth and/or courtesy of Loveland Parks & Recreation. Registration may be required for some classes. Please see schedule below.

Discover the Fitness Court’s 7 movements — core, squat, push, lunge, pull, agility and bend — to challenge and strengthen your body.

Intro to the Fitness Court 

Get an introduction to the seven stations that make up the Fitness Court and learn how to use the app to interact with the available features of the training environment. Courtesy of Chilson Recreation Center instructors and personal trainers or Fitness Court Ambassadors.

June 25 - 5:30P - Fitness Court intro with Andrea B
July 7 - 10:15A - Fitness Court intro with Linda
July 8 - 10:15A - Fitness Court intro with Julie
July 10 - 6:30P - Fitness Court intro with Pam P
July 18 - 10:15A - Fitness Court intro with Julie
August 7 - 6:00P - Fitness Court intro with Lili
Sept. 7 - 7:30A - Fitness Court intro with Katie

The Basic Class 

7 Movements, 7 stations, 14-35 minutes. Participants stay on each station for 45 seconds with 15 seconds of rest in between. The circuit is repeated 2-3 times for beginners and 4-5 times for an extra challenge.

June 25 - 6:15P - Basic Class with Andrea B
July 10 - 7:00P - Basic Class with Pam P
August 7 - 6:30P - Basic Class with Lili

Pulse Class 

14 movements, 7 stations, 35 minutes. Two movements at each station, 15 seconds of rest and 45 seconds of active recovery between each station create a high intensity class.

June 19 - 6:30A - Pulse Class with Sherri
August 26 - 6:30A - Pulse Class with Sherri
August 27 - 6:00P - Pulse Class with Lisa J
August 29 - 6:00P - Pulse Class with Lisa J

Bike Rodeo

June 21 - 3:00 - 5:00P

*Registration is required. Please call 970.495.7502 to register.

Join UCHealth and Thompson School District Routes to School for a bike rodeo! Have your child(ren) bring their own bike (and helmet!) or borrow one. The rodeo will be a fun way to learn and practice many skills needed for bicycling in a fun, safe environment!

Bootcamp: Fitness Court 101

July 13 - 8:00 - 9:00A
August 24 - 9:00 - 10:00A
September 14 - 10:00 - 11:00A
October 5 - 1:00 -2:30P

Learn how to navigate the Fitness Court safely and effectively, meet new people and achieve a great workout with Loveland's newest outdoor fitness experience! Join an experienced trainer from UCHealth Medical Fitness for this one-hour sweat session. Bring your outdoor workout gear, water, sunscreen and your smart phone! All fitness levels and ages 12+ welcome. No registration is required.

Loveland Yoga in the Park

July 13 9:00 - 10:00A

Summer is a busy time - take time for yourself with the new Yoga in the Park series presented by UCHealth Medical Fitness. Free. Fun. Open to the public. Make it a girls day out or a couples outing or bring the family. No need to register - just join us! Bring your own mat and water.

Introduction to Mindful Eating

July 24 - 10:00 -11:00A

Learn mindful eating techniques for curbing overeating. We will work with mindless and emotional eating and how to get in charge of your eating instead of feeling out of control or guilt. We'll introduce mindfulness practices and provide resources to support long-term habit changes. Taught by Deanna O'Connell, UCHealth dietitian and mindfulness practitioner. Register by calling 970.624.1860 or 970.495.8560 or

Wellness Walkers

July 25 7:30 - 8:30A

Join the Aspen Club Loveland Wellness Walkers as we explore the new Fitness Court at Barnes Park and then enjoy a nature walk on the beautiful city trail system. For information call 970.624.1860 or 970.495.8560 or

Women's Self Defense & Personal Empowerment

August 6 - 4:00 - 6:00P

Learn very basic techniques that will increase your personal awareness and skill. Class will cover simple grab releases (wrist, lapel, neck) and strikes (elbows, knees, heel palm). Girls/women ages 12+

Register for Women's Self Defense

Nutrition & Inflammation

August 7 - 10:00 - 11:00A

Wondering why chronic inflammation continues to make headlines? Learn how nutrition can play a major role in preventing or working with inflammation - at any age. We'll review foods, recipes and lifestyle factors as well as a refreshing, anti-inflammatory smoothie. Taught by Deanna O'Connell, UCHealth dietitian and mindfulness practitioner. Register by calling 970.624.1860 or 970.495.8560 or

Healthy Hearts

August 7 10:00 -11:00A

Hands Only CPR - Come learn how to save a life! Learn hands-only CPR and how to use an AED (automated electronic defibrillator). You will practice on a CPR dummy that gives feedback on technique. Healthy Hearts Screen - Get a health assessment including blood pressure check, weigh in, a fit test to assess your fitness level and diabetes risk score.

Take Your Brain on a Walk

September 4 9:00 -10:00A

Learn how to add cognitive components as you walk to enhance concentration and increase memory. The combination of mental and physical activities is a proven prescription for healthy aging. We will also practice some balance exercises utilizing the Fitness Court at Barnes Park. Register by calling 970.624.1860 or 970.495.8560 or

The Blue Zones - Nine Lessons Learned

September 25 9:00 - 10:00A

The Blue Zones are places in the world where people live well into their 90s and 100s with relatively low incidence of chronic disease. You'll learn what the researchers discovered from these areas in Italy, Costa Rica, Greece, Loma Linda, CA and Okinawa and how they boiled it down to the "power nine" health strategies. We will also enjoy a fun walking "moai" as we learn more about the new Fitness Court at Barnes Park. Register by calling 970.624.1860 or 970.495.8560 or

Tai Chi Demonstration

October 7 10:00-11:00A

Tai Chi is good for health, balance, vitality, longevity, aches and pains, strength, flexibility and more. It has been practiced in some cultures for centuries and can keep the body and spirit in tune. Enjoy the sunshine and outdoors while learning about the benefits of Tai Chi and practicing some of the traditional movements. Register by calling 970.624.1860 or 970.495.8560 or

"Stop the Bleed" Class

October 5 - 1:00 - 2:30P

Free training to learn how to control bleeding and apply a tourniquet until first responders can take over care. Register at

Fitness Court® Press Release
Please note: the recommended minimum age for use of the Fitness Court® is 14 years old.