Other Volunteer Groups

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Outside agencies that might interest you
Here are some non-city volunteer groups who provide a variety of opportunities in and around Loveland.

Santa Cops Larimer County    www.santacopslarimercounty.org/

Friends of the Loveland Library    www.friendsofthelovelandlibrary.org/

The Mission in Ft Collins    www.ccdenver.org/Volunteer/Northern-Volunteer-Opportuniti.aspx

Meals on Wheels     www.mowaa.org/

Larimer Humane Society     www.larimerhumane.org/

Loveland's Community Kitchen     www.lovelandcommunitykitchen.org/

House of Neighborly Services    honservice.org/index.asp

Partners Mentoring Youth  www.partnersmentoringyouth.org

Habitat for Humanity, Loveland https://lovelandhabitat.org/how-to-help/volunteer.html