Guests in the Galleria

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Quarterly shows in our galleria's display cases feature two- and three-dimensional work. The exhibits are designed to introduce artists to our community and provide them with valuable free exposure and display space.

January – March 2015

RebeccaCoatneyRebecca Coatney
Rebecca Coatney of RCoatney Art is a Colorado artist who was born and raised in Juneau, Alaska, and has been drawing and painting since she could hold a pencil. She works in acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink, graphite, and oil, and is also building a sea kayak out of western red cedar in her garage.

Rebecca's aim with her art is to paint realistically and add energy and life to her paintings using unexpected colors and perspectives. Rebecca also hopes to inspire folks who are "late bloomers," as she is starting her painting career at the age of 39. Rebecca specializes in painting animal portraits in acrylic and is currently trying a landscape on for size.

RaeAnnGarrettRae Ann Garrett
Rae Ann Garrett works to capture the "Magic of Ordinary Days." It is her mission and passion to share and extend this beauty within everything we may find that is all around us on a regular basis. Rae Ann's hope is that with the images she captures it will help inspire more of us to take notice of all that is upon this earth and culture it towards love and truly finding the magic that lies within each and every day.

LaurenKernsLauren Kerns
The primary interest of Lauren Kerns in creating is to create objects that are used daily life that bring us beauty and joy. She feels that creating objects from hand, in ways that have existed throughout time, is vital and necessary. In the everyday use of objects, and appreciation of art, one's life is enriched. It serves as a reminder of our connection to history, in reminding people of the art of the hand-made. Ceramics connects us to history, and making objects connects Lauren as an artist to cultures around the world, with a common language.

Lauren has been continually fascinated by creating patterns over forms she creates. She uses the forms as a background for color and patterns over the beautiful white background that the porcelain provides. Porcelain provides a fluidity of movement and texture that is a continuous pleasure to work with. It is the everyday objects that we use that gives us pleasure, and the reminder of the artist. It is Lauren's intention to making different forms that are not necessarily function.

ElizabethMorisette Elizabeth Morisette
Mixed Media
Elizabeth Morisette creates artwork that responds to the society in which we live. Her work is created with recycled or repurposed materials. These materials appeal to her because they each have a history. This history often draws viewers in to experience these often common objects in a new manner. Artist and craftspeople have always been drawn to the materials 'at hand.' Morisette's work explores what kind of materials we find 'at hand' in the 21st century and how they reflect our society.

Through this work, Morisette invites the viewer to remember a time, place, or person that they once knew. In a way, she views these works a portrait of every individual who views them. Though the objects are common, often the memories invoked by the work is as varied as the individuals who view them.

StephanieOzimekLori Shafer
Stephanie Ozimek is a passionate college art student, finding happiness in creating beautiful things.

KevinRobbKevin Robb
Powder Coated Stainless Steel
Over the past three decades, renowned Colorado metal sculptor Kevin Robb has made his mark on the national and international art scene. With a unique style and consummate welding quality that have defined and differentiated his work, Kevin’'s sculptures are not created according to a set plan. The placement of each element is an answer to a question of relationships, which he discovers as the work is in progress. He becomes one with the metal and intuitively knows the precise twists and turns that will be required to achieve the desired result.

As dynamic and spirited as ever in their composition, bringing life and energy to the spaces they occupy, Kevin's sculptures provide beautiful and timeless snapshots of individual moments impossibly suspended in time. These free-flowing sculptural expressions in bronze and stainless steel are distinguished by their smooth, graceful edges and seamless metal intersections, revealing the high caliber welding involved.