Bike Loop Near Sunset Vista

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Bike and Trees

(Image Credit: Riccardo Chiarini) 

Updated 6.1.20

Trail Connection at 57th St.

We plan to complete this missing section of trail along 57th this year pending final approvals from the BNSF Railroad this year. This section of trail has been one of the most challenging for the City to complete due to landownership, City vs County ROW, Utilities, Railroad Approvals, etc., but we are in the final stretch to making the connection. Stay tuned - we hope to have it completed soon.


Dear Maria,

When will Loveland finish the bike loop at 287 to Shields? There is so much development in that area it seems like now is a good time to get that right-of-way to link them. 

This is a great question - thanks for asking! For reference, we're talking about the small section of recreation trail near Sunset Vista that does not fall under our Long View Trail connection project.

Long View Map Feb2018

We understand the importance of this missing segment of trail for Loveland and have been working for the last several years to make this trail connection a reality. Currently, the land needed for this missing trail connection is privately owned and part of a planned development which will condition the trail corridor. 

Unfortunately, the timing of the trail connection is dependent on the developer.  We are talking regularly with the proposed developer to keep things moving with the critical trail connection. Although things seem to be moving slower than we would like, great things are happening with regard to trails in Loveland.   

The Front Range Trail to Fort Collins opened in November from the north Boyd Lake Area. This summer, we completed the trail connection from West Highway 34 to Wilson Avenue.  A trail connection is under construction from Rossum Drive that will connect those neighborhoods to the Recreation Trail loop by late Spring 2018, and a great new soft-surface trail was added at Mariana Butte.   

Know we are working hard to make these trail connections, and we, too, want them done sooner rather than later.

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