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Dear Maria,

I stopped by to use Boedecker SWA (State Wildlife Area) area off of First Street on the north side of the lake and there is a sign on the fence saying "No public allowed. City of Loveland." What's up? I've been using that area for 15 years. I thought  the SWA leased the area and it's open to the public? 

Thanks, Larry


Hi Larry,

The entrance to Boedecker Reservoir State Wildlife Area is off County Road 21E, on the east end of the reservoir.  Home Supply Irrigation Company owns the reservoir and water rights but leases them to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. The State Wildlife Area includes the east end of the reservoir, parking lot and surface rights. The only public access to the SWA is on those areas.

Boedecker Reservoir Map

The area you are inquiring about off of First Street on the north side of the reservoir was privately held before the City purchased 17 acres of the land in 2017. Although many community members may have used that area, it has never been part of the State Wildlife Area or available for public access. The previous owners said they posted “Keep Out” signs but regularly had trespassers on their private land.  
The good news is that with the City’s purchase of this land, it is planned to have public access in the next year. It is posted “No public access” until we can construct the trail and install a bridge over the Buckingham Ditch. The site will provide shore access and a short soft-surface trail.

Update 7.30.19

A soft-surface trail is being constructed and the bridge will be installed in November over the ditch.  In addition, a cross walk will be added on First provide access to the site across from Rossum Drive and the surrounding neighborhoods.  Boedecker Bluff is expected to be open for public access in early 2020. 


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