Cyclist Traffic - 57th St. & Taft Ave.

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Cyclist Traffic 57th & Taft

Dear Maria,

1) Is there concern about increased bike traffic on 57th St. east from Taft Avenue?  We live near that road and if bicycles are going east over the railroad tracks it could be dangerous. When will that trail connect to the Loveland Boyd Lake path? 

2) Has anyone mentioned the concrete on the trail going north from the Boyd Lake Trail toward Fort Collins? That part of the trail is really bumpy for a bicycle.


Hi B.,

1) The City of Loveland recognizes the challenges cyclists and pedestrians face while traveling 57th Street. The Parks and Recreation Department is currently working with the private landowner immediately east of the BNSF railroad tracks to secure a trail easement and fill the gap in its Recreation Loop Trail. Once the easement is secured, the department will coordinate with BNSF on a railroad crossing and develop construction documents for build-out.

2) The public has been very diligent in making us aware of the concrete issue on the new Front Range Trail paralleling County Road 11c. Thank you for your concern as well. The current plan is to grind down the concrete in the high spots to level the trail. We are planning on doing the work very soon, so please be on the lookout and follow the signs when the work is in process. We look forward to your feedback once the work is complete.


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