Fishing Line & Hooks Damage Pets & Wildlife

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Please, pick up your fishing line. Leave no trace.

fishing line damages pets and wildlife in Loveland


Dear Maria,

I posted this on my personal Facebook page and wanted to make you aware of the situation.

Loveland friends who walk their dogs near River's Edge and Jayhawker Pond area. I've been hesitant to post this because of my directed anger towards irresponsible fishermen/women who frequent this area.

Last week while walking my dog, she was smelling and marking as she normally would and does, when near the trail, someone left a barbed lure attached to fishing line lying along the trail. I didn't see it, but my dog smelled it (largely due to the fish smell on the lure), and then before I knew what she had, she swallowed it.

I was heartwrenched watching her try to "cough" up whatever was in her throat (her face was contorted). I recall my vet telling me dogs rarely choke because a majority of the time they can successfully loosen whatever they've swallowed. Watching her, it was clear something was causing her great discomfort.

After returning to the scene to inspect the area and then shortly after, noting the fishing line hanging from her mouth, I knew then what had happened. Thankfully some of the best/brightest vet hospitals are in Loveland's backyard. After rushing her to VCA, xrays, and quick-acting vets, they were able to sedate her and remove the barbed hook before it traveled into her airway.

If you fish, I have no idea (I've tried to reconcile this) why you wouldn't use the multiple receptacles to properly dispose of your lines and lures, (there are many). I wanted to post this to warn others who may also innocently walk their dogs in the area expecting respect of others using the property. My dog is fine (thankfully). If that were a wild animal, the outcome would have been far more grim. Please be careful, thoughtful and mindful of your shared surroundings.

A Loveland Resident

Hi Loveland Resident,

Thank you for sharing your story. We are sorry to hear about this happening to your dog, and we are using this as an opportunity to remind all who use our Loveland open lands to be responsible and conscientious of all who visit these public areas and make their homes there as wildlife.

Please utilize the recycling tubes and trash receptacles placed throughout our facilities. Good stewardship of Loveland open lands, natural areas and parks begins with each one of us.

 recycling tube for fishing line  recycling tube for fishing line in Loveland

Please, pack out what you pack in. Leave no trace!

recycling tube for fishing line in Loveland