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New! Live Footage of Owls and Kestrels in Loveland

We have to admit we're a bit obsessed with this one. We now have nest cams! What are those? Video cameras installed inside the nesting boxes of Barn Owls and Kestrels in the Loveland area.

Our Open Lands & Trails division of Parks & Recreation along with volunteers from the Colorado Avian Research and Rehabilitation (CARRI) worked together to build nesting habitats for raptors, AKA birds of prey. Barn Owls and Kestrels are two species of birds that nest in the Loveland area.

Now, you can watch live video footage of these birds 24 hours a day! The footage we're able to collect provides real-time information and data about them, which in turn helps us learn how we can better preserve and maintain our open lands and natural areas to help these species thrive.

Watch live footage


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