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New! Youth Athletics Registration Deadlines

Please note our new registration deadlines for youth athletics beginning with our fall programs. Registration will begin the season prior with hard deadlines approximately 2-3 weeks before the program start date to allow for improved planning and coordination. Register at

Fall Soccer, Flag Football, Volleyball

July 8 (Early Bird); July 29 (Regular Fee); Aug. 12 (Registration Deadline); Sept. 4 Start Date

Fall Basketball

July 8 (Early Bird); Sept. 29 (Regular Fee); Oct. 7 (Registration Deadline); Oct. 21 Start Date

Winter 2020 Basketball

Oct. 28 (Early Bird); Nov. 25 (Regular Fee); Dec. 9 (Registration Deadline); Jan. 1, 2020 Start Date

Athletics Programs

Youth Athletics

Adult Athletics

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Adult: basketball, volleyball

Youth: basketball, gymnastics


Adult: soccer, softball, tennis, volleyball

Youth: gymnastics, in-line hockey, lacrosse, soccer, tennis


Adult: soccer, softball, volleyball, tennis, lacrosse

Youth: baseball, T-ball, softball, lacrosse, tennis, gymnastics, basketball


Adult: soccer, softball, tennis, volleyball, basketball

Youth: basketball, flag football, gymnastics, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, volleyball

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Phone: 970.962.2445  
Fax: 970.962.2906

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