Burial Park / Cemetery Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How can I memorialize a loved one?

    The Parks & Recreation Foundation works with the Parks & Recreation Department to allow Memorial Plaques, Memorial Benches, and Memorial Trees to be donated and placed in our Parks. Please follow the link to the proper information within our pages: Donations
  • Are credit cards accepted at the Burial Park / Cemetery?

    Yes. Credit cards, cash and checks are accepted as payment.
  • What are the visiting hours at the Burial Park / Cemetery?

    The Burial Park / Cemetery is open for visitors from sunrise to sunset.
  • If the concrete foundation for a headstone I own needs repair, who is responsible?

    Please contact the monument company that installed your foundation to see if warranty service is available. If the cemetery poured your foundation, the city will warrant the cement work for five years.
  • Are personal plantings allowed in the Burial Park / Cemetery?

    Yes, as noted in the Cemetery Rules and Regulations. Personal plantings are the responsibility of the lot owner.
  • Are chapel tents available for services at the Burial Park / Cemetery?

    Yes! We provide a chapel tent at all services unless high winds create a hazard.
  • What is meant by "Perpetual Care"?

    At the Burial Park / Cemetery, perpetual care includes general care and preservation of the interment sites and landscapes, grounds, walks, roadways, and structures (so the grounds shall remain and be reasonably cared for as cemetery grounds forever).  Perpetual care does not include care of monuments, foundations, or personal plantings.
  • How old is the cemetery in Loveland?

    The cemetery is over 118 years old, and has been operated and maintained by the City since 1919.
  • Are burial sites still available at the Burial Park / Cemetery?

    Yes. You may select from a wide range of interment sites, ranging from traditional lots to cremains sites or above ground columbarium niches.