Mariana Butte Hole-By-Hole

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Mariana Butte Golf Course
Hole - By - Hole 

Tee Times 


Hole 1 -

Hole Description:
517 yard, par 5
Tips & Tricks from the Pros: Your tee shot off number one should be to the middle right side of the fairway. Your second shot is slightly downhill to a reachable green. This hole provides a great opportunity to get your round started favorably.

 Mariana Butte Hole #1

Tee 1:

Mariana Butte Tee 1

Green 1:

Mariana Butte Green 1

Hole 2 -

Hole Description:
403 yard, par 4
Tips & Tricks from the Pros: The second hole, a 403 yard par 4, sports a back tee box that rises 50 -60 feet above the fairway. Do not mess with the lake on the right, as it tends to appear shorter than it really it is to clear it. This lake, combined with the out of bounds on the left, makes this an interesting hole.

Mariana Butte Hole #2

Tee 2:

Mariana Butte Tee 2

Green 2:

Mariana Butte Green 2

Hole 3 - 

Hole Description:
381 yard, par 4
Tips & Tricks from the Pros: Number 3 a dogleg left, plays at 381 yards. Position off the tee is critical as your approach shot is between two cottonwood trees standing 70 feet tall. Don’t be short here as a small creek crosses the fairway at 80 yards.

Mariana Butte Hole #3

Tee 3:

Mariana Butte Tee 3

Green 3:

Mariana Butte Green 3

Hole 4 - 

Hole Description:
184 yard, par 3
Tips & Tricks from the Pros: Club selection is an important part of hole number four. This 184 yard par three has water crossing in front and on the right side of the green; a large cottonwood on the left makes this par three seem tighter than it is.

Mariana Butte Hole #4

Tee 4:

Mariana Butte Tee 4

Green 4:

Mariana Butte Green 4

Hole 5 - 

Hole Description:
527 yard, par 5
Tips & Tricks from the Pros: Number 5, at 527 yards, is a long par 5 that requires 3 good shots. The hole is narrow off the tee box with marsh off to the right and out of bounds to the left. Several sand traps make your tee shot even more nerve racking. It is wise to lay up your second shot, as there is trouble surrounding the green.

Mariana Butte Hole #5

Tee 5:

Mariana Butte Tee 5

Green 5:

Mariana Butte Green 5

Hole 6 - 

Hole Description:
359 yard, par 4
Tips & Tricks from the Pros: The Devil’s Backbone rock formation provides a scenic backdrop to hole number 6, an easy par 4 playing at 359 yards. The architect constructed this hole to try to lull you to sleep, but don’t let that happen as you will be confronted with one of the most challenging holes on the course next, number 7.

Mariana Butte Hole #6

Tee 6:

Mariana Butte Tee 6

Green 6:

Mariana Butte Green 6

Hole 7 - 

Hole Description:
392 yard, par 4
Tips & Tricks from the Pros: This par 4 hole lays at a deceiving 392 yards. Your tee shot is a demanding one, requiring a 180-yard carry to a tight landing area in order to clear the creek that crosses the fairway twice, and borders the hole to the right. The second shot has no “bail out” area. Best advice is to take four here, and get on to the next hole.

Mariana Butte Hole #7

Tee 7:

Mariana Butte Tee 7

Green 7:

Mariana Butte Green 7

Hole 8 - 

Hole Description:
164 yard, par 3
Tips & Tricks from the Pros: Number eight is a short par 3 that plays at 164 yards. Don’t let your guard down as the hole plays uphill and is surrounded by deep bunkers.

Mariana Butte Hole #8

Tee 8:

Mariana Butte Tee 8

Green 8:

Mariana Butte Green 8

Hole 9 - 

Hole Description:
361 yard, par 4
Tips & Tricks from the Pros: The final hole on the front is relatively easy. Number 9 plays at 361 yards and finishes slightly uphill to an elevated green. Par is an easy score here if your tee shot is between the bunkers on both sides of the fairway. The green is larger than it appears from the fairway.

Mariana Butte Hole #9

Tee 9:

Mariana Butte Tee 9

Green 9:

Mariana Butte Green 9

Hole 10 - 

Hole Description:
384 yard, par 4
Tips & Tricks from the Pros: Number 10 is one of the simpler holes on the back side. The elevated tee boxes give you a good feel for this downhill dogleg right. Your tee shot needs to be aimed at the green side bunker. A good first drive of 240 yards will leave your second shot at about 145 yards to the green. Played correctly, this hole should be an easy par.

Mariana Butte Hole #10

Tee 10:

Mariana Butte Tee 10

Green 10:

Mariana Butte Green 10

Hole 11 - 

Hole Description:
172 yard, par 3
Tips & Tricks from the Pros: This beautiful downhill par 3 drops around 100 feet in elevation to a green bordered by fully mature trees. This is one hole that you definitely do not want to be long on as the Big Thompson River lies 20 feet behind the green and spells death for errant golf balls.

Mariana Butte Hole #11

Tee 11:

Mariana Butte Tee 11

Green 11:

Mariana Butte Green 11

Hole 12 - 

Hole Description:
405 yard, par 4
Tips & Tricks from the Pros: This 405 yard par 4 is a dogleg to the right. A tee shot that favors the left side of the fairway provides a good approach to a green guarded by 3 bunkers. If you are between clubs on your second shot, go with the longer as the hole finishes uphill more than it appears.

Mariana Butte Hole #12

Tee 12:

Mariana Butte Tee 12

Green 12:

Mariana Butte Green 12

Hole 13 - 

Hole Description:
552 yard, par 5
Tips & Tricks from the Pros: The best way to play number 13 is to remember that accuracy rather than length is important for this hole. Your tee shot should be to the right side of the fairway to avoid the lake. Your second shot should land to the right of the bunkers to be in a good position. This position leaves you with an approach shot of 125-150 yards uphill to a small green guarded by a large rock outcropping on the right.

Mariana Butte Hole #13

Tee 13:

Mariana Butte Tee 13

Green 13:

Mariana Butte Green 13

Hole 14 - 

Hole Description:
126 yard, par 3
Tips & Tricks from the Pros: Number 14 is definitely not one of the most difficult holes on the course, but it is probably one of the favorites. This 126 yard par 3 has tee boxes that seem to be suspended in mid-air, high above the green. The Colorado Rockies are laid out before you in a panoramic vista. This par 3, plays at about 100 yards, depending on the flag position, and requires the finesse of a good touch wedge shot to reach the green – approximately 100 feet below.

Mariana Butte Hole #14

Tee 14:

Mariana Butte Tee 14

Green 14:

Mariana Butte Green 14

Hole 15 - 

Hole Description:
410 yard, par 4
Tips & Tricks from the Pros: This 410 yard par 4 is tight off the tee box with a landing area that is pinched on the left by 2 fairway bunkers. Your tee shot should be hit just to the right of the bunkers. Don’t go too far right or you will end up in the Big Thompson River. The approach shot is to a large, bunkerless green.

 Mariana Butte Hole #15

Tee 15:

Mariana Butte Tee 15

Green 15:

Mariana Butte Green 15

Hole 16 - 

Hole Description:
561 yard, par 5
Tips & Tricks from the Pros: Number 16, a 561 yard par 5 is probably the most talked about hole on the course. This double doglegged hole is bordered by the Big Thompson River and guarded by huge ancient trees.
The back tee is named after an Indian word, “Wompawara” which loosely translated means, ‘one who scares all men.’ Your tee shot needs to carry 220 yards to the fairway and should be aimed at the last tree on the left to avoid Dry Creek which slices the fairway. Your second shot should be around 180 yards and directed towards the fairway bunkers. If played correctly, this position leaves a reasonably easy approach to the green at around 120 yards.

Mariana Butte Hole #16

Tee 16:

Mariana Butte Tee 16

Green 16:

Mariana Butte Green 16

Hole 17 - 

Hole Description:
376 yard, par 4
Tips & Tricks from the Pros: The ideal tee shot for #17 is a slight draw for right-handed players or a fade for left-handed players to avoid the low hanging trees on the left. If that shot isn’t in your bag, choose a club that will keep you just short of the second fairway bunker on the right. This will set you up for an approach shot to a green guarded by bunkers front left, front right, and back left.

Mariana Butte Hole #17

Tee 17:

Mariana Butte Tee 17

Green 17:

Mariana Butte Green 17

Hole 18 - 

Hole Description:
358 yard, par 4
Tips & Tricks from the Pros: This hole is a great finishing hole to a great round of golf. The green is elevated approximately 80 feet above the fairway. Don’t get caught short of the green on your second shot or you’ll have trouble. This holes gives nothing away and you must hit a great iron shot to even have a chance to make birdie on a green that slopes moderately from back to front.

Mariana Butte Hole #18

Tee 18:

Mariana Butte Tee 18

Green 18:

Mariana Butte Green 18