Teach Yourself and Others to Play

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Yes, it is possible to teach yourself and others how to play the game of golf.

This page has 2 dedicated objectives:

1. Provide you with information and resources on the various ways that you can teach yourself to play the game of golf or introduce the non-golfers in your life to the game of golf using the various facilities at your Loveland golf courses.  And have fun learning, whether you, or that non-golfer is a child, youth or adult.

2. Provide you with information and resources that help you to improve your own game and advance your skills.

The Loveland golf courses offer both guided instruction and self-directed learning opportunities.



Below are Youtube Video Links for your use. 









The instruction given in these clips do not necessarily reflect the views of the Loveland Golf Division in their entirety - or reflect a perfect swing.  However, all give good beginning advice.