Parks Facilities

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Benson Sculpture Garden 

The City of Loveland Parks & Recreation Department maintains numerous areas with amenities available for the community to enjoy. View the Parks & Recreation facility guide (PDF)

Please, Don't Feed the Ducks

Bread and other food can make ducks ill. Plus, it doesn't contain the right nutrition or calories they need to keep them warm in winter.

Rotting food pollutes their water and causes surface algae, which kills the fish and gives ducks diseases. It also makes the water smell.

Feeding or disturbing wildlife is NOT permitted in City of Loveland parks. Thank you. 

Parks in Loveland Open to Public Use

The City of Loveland Parks and Recreation Department maintains parks in neighborhoods, along causeways, and in large areas with many amenities such as restrooms, playgrounds, and reservable gazebos/shelters/pavilions.  Others are open to public use, but maintained by HOAs.

For more information about specific parks, please click on links in the table below.

 Parks in loveland Reservable  Non-Reservable 
Barnes Complex at Fairgrounds Park

Benson Sculpture Garden

Centennial Park

Civic Center Park  


Derby Hill Park  


Dwayne Webster Veteran's Park

Eagleview Park  


Edmondson Park  


Estrella Park  


Fairgrounds Park
(reserve whole pavilions in person only)


Frank Farm Park
(maintained by Lakes at Centerra HOA)



Garfield Park 
(formerly known as Junior Achievement Park)
Glen Arbor Park  


Jayhawker Ponds  


Kirkview Park  


Kroh Park

Loch Lon Park  


Loch Mount Park  


Loveland Sports Park

McKee Park  


McWhinney-Hahn Sculpture Park  


Mehaffey Park


Namaqua Park

North Lake Park

Osborn Park  


River's Edge Natural Area   


Seven Lakes Park

Sherri Mar Park  


Silver Glen Park  


Silver Lake Park  


South Shore Parkway  


Sunnyside Park  


Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park



Westside Park  


Woodmere Park  


Park Facility Rules & Regulations

EPAMD Rules & Regulations 

Park Hours:

Most Loveland parks are open from 6:00 a.m. - 10:30 p.m. daily, unless otherwise specified on-site. However, Loveland Sports Park hours vary depending on the season. Please refer to specific park web pages or call (970) 962-2727 for more information.  


Seasonal Closures

All natural grass athletic fields will be closed to reservations staring Monday, November 5. The Championship synthetic field at LSP can still be reserved through the winter season.

All drinking fountains in parks have, or will be winterized by November 5.

We already removed the shade structures from the Buckhorn Northern Railroad (also closed for season) and Mehaffey Park.  These shade structures are not designed for the strong winds and snow loads during the winter months.

November 1 – Park Closures

  • Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park will be closed for the winter season. Round Mountain Trailhead will remain open (weather permitting)

November 5 – Restroom closures for winter season

Some locations will receive Port-o-lets during the winter season.

  • Kroh Park
  • Mehaffey Park North Restroom
  • North Lake Main Restroom
  • North Lake Tennis Courts Restroom         
  • Barnes 5 and 6 Restrooms
  • River’s Edge Natural Area Restroom
  • Seven Lakes
  • Loveland Sports Parks Shelter #1 Restroom (west end)

November 6 – Port-o-let locations for winter season 

These will be placed near restrooms that have been closed for the winter season

  • Kroh Park Restroom area
  • North Lake Main Restroom area
  • North Lake Tennis Courts Restroom area
  • Seven Lake Park parking lot

Restrooms to remain open through the winter season

  • Benson Sculpture Garden
  • Centennial Park
  • Dwayne Webster
  • Fairgrounds Park
  • Loveland Sports Park Shelter #2
  • Loveland Sports Park Maintenance
  • Mehaffey Park from 22nd Street access
Grilling in Parks

Please note that the grills located in the parks are for charcoal use. When using the charcoal grills, you must make sure the coals are completely extinguished before vacating the site. You may leave the remaining coals/ash to continue cooling and our Parks Workers will eliminate the ashes when they clean the grills before their next use.

If you prefer to use a gas grill, you are welcome to bring your own to the park, as long as you use it on a paved/cement surface and you allow it time to cool so you may take it with you when you leave. We do not allow grills or cookers of any kind to be left behind in the parks. 

Park Watering

Park Watering

The City of Loveland parks are watered by utilizing several different water sources. Some are watered with potable water, while others are watered with raw water, well water or water from ponds. It all depends on the park location. Some of those water sources are very stressed or may become unavailable during unusually warm months or during drought seasons. Therefore, in order to maintain the grass in the parks, we may move regularly scheduled games/events to other locations during stressed times. If you are planning to have an event in one of the parks, you may want to check with the Parks & Recreation Administration Office at (970) 962-2727 to be certain that your event is not going to conflict with that park's watering schedule. Sprinklers are "winterized" in the Fall season, and the grasses will go dormant during cold months.

Noticing the “dry spots” in Loveland’s Parks?

With the severe heat and dry summer conditions in past years, there have been shortages of available parks irrigation water in Loveland. In addition, we have experienced irrigation system mechanical problems with the Civic Center irrigation pump/well in the past few years. Therefore, the City amended its irrigation schedule to conserve water in 2012-2013. This may have resulted in dry spots throughout the parks system. Don’t be surprised to see Loveland’s City parks looking drier than normal as we transition our sprinklers systems off and blow them out each Fall season as well.  

For additional information regarding this issue, please contact Dan Willadsen, Parks Manager through the Parks & Recreation Administration Office at 970.962.2727. We will watch this as we move forward and post an update again if more information becomes available.

Seasonal Pruning & Maintenance

Please be aware that the City parks are maintained throughout the year, but they are transitioned during the Fall season into a more dormant/down time for the Winter season. The Fall season maintenance includes pruning and trimming of foliage, plants and trees. For more information and tips about the green & growing places in Loveland, please see the following web page for Forestry/Horticulture guidelines.