Civic Center Park

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East Fourth Street & North Adams
Loveland, CO  80537

(adjacent to the Chilson Recreation Center & Loveland Public Library)

Civic Center Playground 1    Civic Center Playground 2    Civic Center Playground Child 

Located between the Loveland Public Library at 300 N. Adams and the Chilson Recreation Center at 700 E. Fourth St..

  • Playground
  • Access to Foote Lagoon area and walking path
  • Sculpture

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do not feed the ducksPlease, Don't Feed the Ducks

Bread and other food can make ducks ill. Plus, it doesn't contain the right nutrition or calories they need to keep them warm in winter.

Rotting food pollutes their water and causes surface algae, which kills the fish and gives ducks diseases. It also makes the water smell.

Feeding or disturbing wildlife is NOT permitted in City of Loveland parks. Thank you.