Criminal Trespass

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Criminal Trespass is Colorado’s term for stealing items from a car. Criminal Trespass is one of Loveland’s most common crimes. More often criminals will target a car for the contents inside rather than the car itself. Criminals will target cars that are unlocked or locked to steal money, stereo, compact discs and rummage through the glove box.  thief

Here are some suggestions to help your car from being targeted: 

Lock your car and roll up the windows. Criminals often check for an unlocked car.

Park your car in a well lit area. Criminals like to stay in the shadows.

To report a broken street light or to request a street light click here.

Keep your valuable items, including CD’s from view. Criminals may break a window to steal your valuables if they can see them.

Consider a stereo system with a removable face.

Install an alarm system.

Keep a complete description, take pictures and record serial numbers of your stereo system. This may help in the recovery of your items if they are stolen.

Check with your insurance company for more crime prevention tips.