Lock Box Program

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The City of Loveland Lock Box Program was started in 2002 to help police officers, paramedics and firefighters gain entry to a home in case of an emergency. This will reduce the likelihood of emergency service personnel damaging the home to get inside to help someone in need. 

This is how the program works. Residents of the City of Loveland or surrounding area are eligible if they have a medical condition, are disabled or bed ridden and might not be able to make it to the door if there is an emergency. We have the owner of the property sign a release form. A lock box owned by the city of Loveland is attached to a secure area at the home. These lock boxes are the same type used by realtors. We get a key to the house from the owner/resident and put in the box. The combinations and addresses for all of the lock boxes are kept by the crime prevention officer and the Loveland Police Dispatch Center. In case of an emergency at an assigned address, the dispatcher can provide the lock box combination to emergency personnel. If there is an emergency and there is no response from the resident, the Loveland Police Dispatch Center will provide the emergency personnel with the combination to the box. 

Please contact 970-962-2229 to inquire about the program or to request a lock box.