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Criminal Mischief, which is Colorado’s official term for vandalism, is one of Loveland’s most common crimes.

Another form of Criminal Mischief is graffiti, usually applied by members of gangs or taggers to advertise their affiliation, to mark their territory, to communicate with other gang members, to challenge competing gangs or to communicate messages of rivalry or death.

One of the reasons why Loveland has remained relatively unaffected by graffiti is the adoption of the Graffiti Ordinance. Prompt removal of graffiti has been found to be of crucial importance in stopping the spread of gang activity and the application of further graffiti. The City is counting upon your help in eradicating this destructive activity by removing graffiti from your property within three days from when you are made aware of it.

Please call the Loveland Police Department at 970-667-2151 to report graffiti. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the abatement process please call City of Loveland Code Enforcement at 970-962-2600.

To report Criminal Mischief (other than graffiti) to your property, use the online reporting system to Submit a Report