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Sexual Harassment And Rape Prevention

 2020 Class Schedule (8a-5p):
February 22
May 30
July 25
October 17

The S.H.A.R.P. course for women is a basic defensive tactics course designed to help women manage and cope with issues and situations they can control. The course is taught by female police officers and civilian instructors. Participants will learn both physical and non-physical skills to discourage harassment and assault. This course has been taught nationally since 1991 and it focuses on these specific areas:

Harassment and Sexual Assault Overview is a lecture unit in the legal aspects of harassment and sexual assault. The student is given an explanation of the actual Colorado Laws and given copies of these state statutes. This portion of the course will educate the student on what to do if they or someone they know is sexually assaulted. This unit provides the student with a basic overview of harassment and sexual assault, so that the student can help prevent themselves from becoming a victim. 

scared girlPrevention Psychology is a non-physical unit of instruction that focuses on the personality profiles of women and how they may be targeted by an assailant. It educates the student on ways to profile a potential assailant, where they like to pick their victims, and cues that indicate an assault may be imminent. During this block of instruction, the student is made aware of potential hazards in whatever environment they find themselves. The student is given suggestions and strategies for home security, personal security, vehicle security and travel security. This instruction is the foundation of the rest of the course.

Managing Social and Professional Harassment focuses on low profile defense tactics that can be used in an assertive, yet tactful manner. It is designed to give women ways of dealing with unwanted sexual comments, flirting, or touching that may occur in a social or professional setting. Students are taught that any type of sexual harassment must be dealt with quickly and definitively. These tactics are designed to deliver the message to the offending person without inflicting any physical injury to them.

Sexual Assault Countermeasures deals with the reality of a violent sexual assault. The student is introduced to a basic defensive strategy that they can tailor to their own personality and physical capabilities. They are taught to verbally and physically distract the assailant, stun him and escape. The reality of a sexual assault is that it is a deadly force encounter for the victim. This is a hands-on segment of instruction. Students will be partnered with another student and allowed to practice these techniques step-by-step under the supervision of an instructor.

The information provided through the S.H.A.R.P. course is not offered as medical or legal advice. If a student has questions concerning the legal aspects of a crime or a defense, consultation with a private attorney is suggested. For questions about a physical or emotional issue involving victimization, a medical or psychological professional should be consulted. 

To REGISTER or for questions regarding our program, contact Officer Bobbie Jo Pastecki at 962-2052 ext. 1088. Cost is $10. 

Classes are held at the Loveland Police Department. We do not have an age requirement, but encourage parents to consider the maturity of the juvenile and the explicitness of the course content.

We welcome special groups and will tailor the class to that particular group. We may hold special classes at our facility or yours.