Mounted Patrol Unit

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The Loveland Police Department Mounted Patrol Unit is comprised of six specially trained Police Officers who work Mounted Patrol in addition to their regular full-time assignments. Each of these Officers attends a minimum of 40 hours’ training prior to riding on behalf of the Police Department. Riders then attend recurrent in-service training throughout the year and several attend training updates with other Mounted Police Units.

The Loveland Police Department presently owns two horses that were donated to the Unit by the Colorado State University. These two horses previously served the CSU polo team but had been retired from that work before being donated to the Department for mounted patrol training. horses with Chief

Currently, horses owned privately by Unit members support the mission and work of the unit by successfully completing the training and working details around the City as needed.

The Mounted Unit is pleased to consider donations of tack and/or animals from public sources. However, animals donated that are later found inappropriate for Police work may not be returned to the prior owners. We have been greatly supported by community donations which are greatly appreciated.