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CALEA logoIn 1992, the Loveland Police Department became the 238th agency out of roughly 17,500 law enforcement agencies in the United States to be recognized by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) as nationally accredited agency. In 2015, the agency received its 8th award of accreditation during a Gold Standard Assessment.

The decision to become accredited was voluntary. It was also difficult and the Chief indicated that is why even today, less than 700 agencies in the U.S. have obtained the honored status. The Chief said that obtaining the accredited status does not end the Department’s obligation to follow the standards. The agency accreditation files are reviewed on an annual basis by a CALEA Compliance Service Member. Every four years CALEA sends assessors to the Loveland Police Department to review its practices as well as its documentation files to insure that the agency is maintaining compliance with the professional standards of accreditation.

The Loveland community benefits in a number of ways by having a nationally accredited police agency. Some of those benefits include: reduced liability exposure, quality service delivery, increased interagency cooperation and coordination, and accountability throughout the agency.