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The Records Section is responsible for creation, use, storage, sharing, indexing, filing, retrieval, preservation, distribution, retention and destruction of all police records. This information comes from a variety of sources including officers’ reports and notes, photographs, videos and other paper documents. These records allow Department employees access to information needed for analysis and helps improve managerial decision making regarding issues that may have major impact on the Loveland Police Department.

The Records Section responds to a broad range of questions and requests for information and assistance from members of the Police Department, City government, citizens, the media and other public officials and agencies. The Section is responsible for handling incoming telephone requests for non-emergency information and assisting citizens who come to the lobby of the Police Department building with questions and concerns.

The Records Section continually works to improve access to critical information for investigators, officers, administrators and the public; increase security of vital records; eliminate redundancy of information in electronic formats; improve classification of information; make better use of information technology; provide higher quality and faster service to our customers; determine, analyze and improve the flow of work; and increase staff productivity. The information gathered and disseminated by the Records Section often provides data for evaluating, planning and managing future activities of the Loveland Police Department. As the official custodian of all active and inactive records, the Records Section develops and maintains the Department's retention schedules, releases criminal justice records in compliance with all applicable laws and disposes of records at the end of the approved retention schedule.

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