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3/16/20 Media Release - LPD has implemented precautionary protocols to minimize Covid-19 exposure yet maintain effective police response. The Records Unit will be closed to the public until further notice.

Requests for copies of a police report will still be accepted and will be fulfilled via email, fax, or mail. Requests that involve special searches may be delayed due to limited resources.


Records Request Form 

The Loveland Police Department has developed policies and procedures regarding the release of reports that are in compliance with both legislative and case law, balancing public disclosure with privacy rights. Colorado state law and the Loveland Police Department regulate who may receive copies of reports depending on a variety of circumstances such as (but not limited to) the type of report, status of the investigation, involvement in the report, and ages of individuals involved in the report. In some instances, your copy of the report may have certain information blacked out depending on the disposition of the case or the persons involved. 

The fee for records is $5 plus $.25 per page for 21+ pages (the first 20 pages are no charge.) The fee for digital media is $15 per disc. In addition, the research, retrieval, redaction & creation fee for records and digital media (after the first 15 minutes) is $35/hour, minimum of one quarter hour.

To request a copy of a police report you need to provide any pertinent information including names, dates, locations and case number if known. You may request this information by completing the Records Request form and return it via fax, email, or mail (contact information listed at the top of the form). Please be sure to sign your name in the signature field and include the date.

If you mail, email, or fax your request, it takes approximately 3 business days from receipt of request to process the report. If you come to the Loveland Police Department your request can often be processed within 15 minutes of arrival.

Traffic accident reports are generally available three working days after the incident has been reported. Other reports are generally available fourteen days after the incident.

Click here obtain a copy of your traffic accident report. carfax

Please note that names, addresses, telephone numbers and any other information contained in any police report may not be used for the purposes of soliciting business for pecuniary gain. CRS 24-72-305.5

If you have additional questions about obtaining copies of police reports, please contact the Records Unit at 970-962-2267.