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Marked Police Vehicle

marked tahoe






We have had a long tradition of black and white patrol cars. Our officers created the logo that is on the sides of patrol units. We take great pride in the unique design of a silver and purple mountain range on our marked patrol cars. Recently, several specialized functions have led us to add different types of cars, sport utility vehicles and trucks to our fleet. Crime scene technician, bomb technician, mounted patrol, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) and K-9 officers are all examples of assignments that have larger space needs beyond the conventional sedan.

Some officers work in unmarked police vehicles. This enables them to conduct covert operations related to drug and other specific enforcement efforts and to detect traffic violators. If you are ever stopped by an unmarked car the officer may not appear in uniform. If the officer contacting you is not in uniform, always request to see a police badge and identification card to ensure that you are dealing with a police officer.

Each of our officers is assigned a vehicle to take home and to be more visible and available within the community. The one-to-one fleet plan helps us to keep the costs of operating police cars down. This system also enables officers to be prepared with all of their issued equipment for quick, emergency response to any situation, including natural disasters or large scale public safety needs.