Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)

Infrastructure improvements help maintain and/or improve our City assets. These projects can incorporate new construction, expansion, renovation or replacement of current infrastructure. Costs can include land, engineering, design, architectural planning, contract services needed to complete a project.

37th Street Connection to US Highway 287

Project Update: June 17, 2019

Construction will begin the week of June 24 near 37th Street and Monroe Avenue.  Monroe Avenue will be closed in both directions on July 8 for the roundabout construction. The roadway is anticipated to open mid September, however 37th Street will remained closed until the project is complete in the spring of 2020.

Construction questions can be sent to Walsh Construction:
Phone no. 970-532-9998

Link to project update flyer [PDF]

Project Detour Map

Monroe Avenue Detour

Project Progress.


Project Summary

A new road and bridge over Dry Creek will be constructed just east of the signal at US Highway 287 and 37th Street. 

This project, called the 37th Street Connector Project will be built in tandem with a roundabout farther east at the intersection of Monroe and 37th Street. A portion of this corridor is under Larimer County jurisdiction and is identified as East County Road 24E. This project is a large-scale infrastructure project that will significantly improve connectivity and offer new options for east-west mobility.

Constructing the new road, bridge and roundabout will

 be combined with the Dry Creek channel and stormwater outfall improvement project. All of this work will be phased and coordinated to provide time and cost efficiencies, as well as limit impacts and disturbances to the adjacent properties. This type of project demonstrates how large scale infrastructure projects provide significant community benefits and are a wise and timely use of local public funds. Funding for the overall project comes from a combination of general fund and capital expansion fees.

Although the 37th Street right-of-way was originally shown on the 1981 Shadow Hills subdivision plat, the current configuration for 37th Street east of 

Highway 287 was approved with a re-plat of Shadow Hills in 1995. In 2008, conceptual plans were developed but shelved due to the economic downturn. The roadway project is in the City’s Transportation Master Plan and the stream/bank stabilization project is in the City’s Stormwater Master Drainage Plan. In response to our community’s continued population growth and increased traffic congestion, this project moved up on the Capital Improvement Project (CIP) list. Public outreach will begin mid 2018 with construction spanning 2019 and 2020.

Project Components

  • The new bridge over Dry Creek will be located east of the existing barricades near Walgreens. The new 37th Street segment will start at the bridge then continue east to where North Lincoln Avenue intersects with the existing 37th Street. The new complete street segment will include the bridge, two travel lanes, on-street bike lanes and attached/detached sidewalks.
  • A single-lane roundabout at Monroe and 37th Street with detached sidewalks will increase safety and facilitate future traffic volumes.
  • Dry Creek bank/stream stabilization will repair, stabilize and protect the Dry Creek channel between Lincoln Avenue and Highway 287 from erosion caused by both irrigation and stormwater.

Project Objectives

  • Improve connectivity and capacity of the City’s transportation network
  • Increase intersection safety at the 37th Street, North Monroe Avenue and North Lincoln Avenue intersections
  • Reduce vehicle travel time and emergency response times
  • Increased east-west route options for all modes (people walking, biking or driving)
  • Reduce out-of-direction travel and neighborhood cut-through traffic
  • Evolve and improve public perception and expectations for large-scale infrastructure projects

Project Schedule

  • Monroe/37th Street Roundabout, Stormwater Improvements near Lincoln Avenue Summer 2019
  • Channel Improvements Fall 2019
  • Bridge over Dry Creek Winter 2019
  • 37th Street Road Improvements Early spring 2020

Project Team

Shawn Fetzer, Civil Engineer,
Kevin Gingery, Senior Stormwater Engineer,
Katie Guthrie, Principal City Planner,
Walsh Construction, Contractor,