Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)

Infrastructure improvements help maintain and/or improve our City assets. These projects can incorporate new construction, expansion, renovation or replacement of current infrastructure. Costs can include land, engineering, design, architectural planning, contract services needed to complete a project.

Phase II - Wilson Avenue and 8th Street Stormwater Improvements

Project Update: December 18, 2019

The project is currently in the contractor bidding process. Construction will begin December 23 and the project will be complete by April 2020.

Project Objectives

Install Phase II of stormwater pipe in Wilson Avenue to prepare for Phase III. The third and final phase of the project will relieve street flooding along Wilson Avenue for smaller storm events, north of Eisenhower Boulevard

  • Upgrade old stormwater infrastructure
  • Reroute stormwater from entering a temporary detention pond along West 8th Street

Project Schedule

Construction under the Big Barns Ditch will be completed by February 1, 2020. Work will continue along Wilson Avenue and 8th Street until April 2020.

Project Summary

The second phase of the Wilson Avenue project is part of a three-phase project to relieve street flooding along Wilson Avenue north of Eisenhower Boulevard. Phase II will require contractors to hand tunnel a large pipe 24 feet under the Big Barnes Ditch and extend the pipe just north of the 8th Street intersection.

Once the work is complete on Wilson Avenue, crews will install a stormwater pipe to the west, along 8th Street to reroute stormwater from entering a temporary neighborhood detention pond. The new infrastructure will carry the neighborhood stormwater run-off to the Big Thompson River.

The project will begin in December, with traffic shifting to one lane in each direction in the southbound lanes along Wilson Avenue, at the 8th Street intersection.

Why wasn't Phase II completed with the Wilson Avenue Flood Recovery Project?

The project must be constructed in phases due to the funding components. The Wilson Avenue Flood Mitigation Project, which raised the road profile, was paid for by a grant from the Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR). Phase II will be funded by the Stormwater Enterprise Fund, and has been budgeted for 2019/2020. Phase II work could not interfere with the Phase I work, thus requiring a time separation between the project phases.

City Project Team

Kevin Gingery, Senior Civil Engineer,