Glass Recycling

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Recycle more glass!

Only 30% of the glass bottles and jars collected from curbside bins are recycled. As glass is collected, hauled and unloaded, much of it gets broken. At the sorting center, unbroken glass is recovered and shipped to a plant that makes new glass containers. The broken glass, however, is screened from the other recyclables. Contaminants embedded in this broken glass cannot be sufficiently removed to meet the specifications of bottle makers. This glass ends up being used at landfills for daily cover material or is dumped as trash.

Here’s some good news. If Loveland residents take their glass to a drop-off center, 100% of the glass is recycled back into new bottles and jars. Glass drop-off locations are located on the map below.


Glass only, recycling dumpster

All glass containers should be rinsed with caps and lids removed. Please, no ceramics, bake-ware, Pyrex, drinking glasses, auto glass, plate glass, mirrors or light bulbs. These items are contaminants and must not be included. 

Glass will continue to be accepted at the curb; however, only 30% of this glass actually gets recycled. Taking your glass to a drop-off center is the best option for closed-loop, bottle-to-bottle recycling.

For more information, please contact the Solid Waste Division at (970)962-2529.