Stormwater Standards

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The City of Loveland, Storm Drainage Standards apply to all new land use applications and building permit applications.


Title Page
Cover Sheet Cover Sheet [PDF]
Table of Contents Table of Contents [PDF]
Summary of Work 01010 [PDF]
  Drawing "01010-D" [PDF] - "Typical layout and features of the storm sewer collection system with stormwater quality components" 01010
Sediment/Erosion Control & Site Restoration Surety 01210 [PDF]
  Attachment "A" - "Agreement for Sediment/Erosion Control Best Management Practices (BMPs) with Cash Deposit" [PDF] 01210
  Attachment "B" - "Agreement for Sediment/Erosion Control Best Management Practices (BMPs) with Irrevocable Letter of Credit" [PDF] 01210
  Attachment "C" - "Sediment/Erosion Control, Best Management Practices (BMPs), Cost Opinion Spreadsheet" [XLS] 01210
  Attachment "D" - "Erosion and Sediment Control Inspection List (ESCIL)" [PDF] revised 10/16/2012 01210
  Attachment "E" - "Stormwater Quality Ordinance, Chapter 13.20" page 13-94 [PDF] 01210
  Attachment "F" - "Stormwater Quality Permit Application - Large Site" [PDF] revised June 2016 01210
  Attachment "G" - "Stormwater Quality Permit Application - Small Site" [PDF] revised June 2016 01210
  Attachment "H" - "Stormwater Quality Enforcement Policy" [PDF] 01210
  Attachment "I" - "Acknowledgement Certificate" [PDF] 01210
  Attachment "J" - "Sediment/Erosion Control Development Submittal Checklist" [PDF] revised 10/16/2012 01210
  Attachment "K" - "Stormwater Quality Permit Application - Residential Lot" [PDF] revised June 2016 01210
Reference Standards 01422 [PDF]
Materials, Equipment and Workmanship 01600 [PDF]
Testing Storm Sewer System 01666 [PDF]
Site Clean-up 01710 [PDF]
Record Drawings 01720 [PDF]
Trenching, Backfilling and Compacting 02221 [PDF]
Controlled Low-Strength Material Backfill (FLO-FILL) 02222 [PDF]
Pipe Boring and Jacking 02224 [PDF]
Erosion Control Mattings and Components 02375 [PDF]
Vegetative Sediment/Erosion Control 02377 [PDF]
Manholes 02605 [PDF]
Concrete Storm Pipe 02615 [PDF]
Plastic Storm Pipe 02622 [PDF]
Storm Sewer Collection System 02722 [PDF]
Cast-In-Place Concrete 03300 [PDF]
Pre-cast Concrete 03400 [PDF]
Metal Castings and Fabrications 05500 [PDF]


Storm Drainage Details

No. Title Drawing Format
AutoCAD pdf
1 Trenching & Bedding (Class “A” & “B”) SW-1 [DWG] SW-1 [PDF]
2 Grated Inlet Type 13 SW-2 [DWG] SW-2 [PDF]
3 Loveland Combination Inlet SW-3A [DWG] SW-3A [PDF]
4 Loveland Combination Inlet SW-3B [DWG] SW-3B [PDF]
5 Inlets, Type C & D SW-4 [DWG] SW-4 [PDF]
6 Curb Inlet Type R SW-5A [DWG] SW-5A [PDF]
7 Curb Inlet Type R SW-5B [DWG] SW-5B [PDF]
8 Manholes SW-6 [DWG] SW-6 [PDF]
9 Manholes SW-7 [DWG] SW-7 [PDF]
10 Headwalls for Pipe Culverts SW-8 [DWG] SW-8 [PDF]
11 Riprap Installation SW-9 [DWG] SW-9 [PDF]
12 Silt Fence SW-10 [DWG] SW-10 [PDF]
13 Curb Inlet Protection SW-11 [DWG] SW-11 [PDF]
14 Drop Inlet Protection SW-12 [DWG] SW-12 [PDF]
15 Wattle Installation SW-13 [DWG] SW-13 [PDF]
16 Silt, Rock or Wattle Dike SW-14 [DWG] SW-14 [PDF]
17 Vehicle Tracking Control Pad
revised 3/18/2013
SW-15 [DWG] SW-15 [PDF]

Residential Lot Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP)

revised 10/16/2012

SW-16 [DWG] SW-16 [PDF]
19 Concrete Washout Area SW-17 [DWG] SW-17 [PDF]
20 Sediment Trap & Sediment Basin SW-18 [DWG] SW-18 [PDF]


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Documents to Download

Draft Storm Drainage Criteria Addendum, 3/20/2020 [PDF]

In 2002 the City of Loveland Storm Drainage Criteria (Addendum to the Urban Storm Drainage Criteria Manuals Volumes 1, 2, and 3) was completed and adopted.   The City of Loveland Storm Drainage Criteria Manual was modeled after the 2001 version of the Urban Storm Drainage Criteria Manual as developed by the Urban Drainage & Flood Control District (UD&FCD) in Denver, Colorado.  The 2001 version of the UD&FCD Storm Drainage Criteria Manual consisted of Volumes 1 & 2.  Late in the 1990’s the UD&FCD began a process to write Volume 3 titled, Best Management Practices, which addresses stormwater quality and erosion control.  In November 2010, the UD & FCD completed and adopted an updated Volume 3. In January of 2016 the UD&FCD completed and adopted updated Volumes 1 and 2 to their drainage criteria.  Many communities use the UD&FCD storm drainage criteria manuals across the United States.

The City of Loveland is updating our addendum to more easily follow the criteria set forth in the updated 2016 UD&FCD Volumes 1, 2, dated January 2016 and UD&FCD Volume 3, dated November 2010.  The City of Loveland is currently working towards adoption of the latest UD&FCD Volumes 1, 2, and 3 with an Addendum relating to City of Loveland needs.  The Addendum will make changes to the UD&FCD Volumes 1, 2, and 3 in order to help the criteria become more specific to the Loveland community.  Adoption of the UD&FCD Volumes 1, 2, and 3, as well as the City of Loveland Addendum, is scheduled for late 2020.

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