Mowing/Weed Control

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Weed Control

All Loveland property owners have a legal and ethical duty to maintain their properties in a clean and orderly manner. This duty includes keeping vegetation mowed to a height no greater than eight inches and removing all piles of cut weeds, brush, trash or rubbish.

The City ordinance which governs weed control and rubbish accumulation applies equally to both undeveloped and developed properties, and also includes the alleyways and sidewalks adjacent to properties.

Failure to comply with this ordinance will result in a written, mailed warning to the offending owner providing just seven days' time to correct the weed or rubbish problem, after which the City will complete the work. The cost of the work plus ten percent will then be charged to the property owner. After thirty days' time without payment, another 10 percent penalty will be added, and the entire assessment will be placed on the county tax list for eventual recovery.

If you wish to report a property which is not in compliance with the weed and rubbish ordinance, please call the City's weed enforcement contractor at 962-2792.


Road shoulder maintenance and mowing is the responsibility of the Public Works, Streets Division. Approximately 67 miles of City rights-of-way must be mowed, sprayed for weeds, and/or graded.

The City's weed control efforts generally extend from fence line, and include most street islands and medians. Each year, crews mows these areas at least seven times per growing season, and sprays for weeds as needed.

Undeveloped road shoulders must be reshaped and re-graded occasionally to remove bumps and ruts to improve drainage and safety.

If you know of a City right-of-way which needs to be mowed or sprayed for weeds, or a rough shoulder in need of grading, please call the Streets Division at 962-2529.