Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Fats Oils & Grease

    • Can I use bacteria, enzymes, or other products in the grease removal device?

    • Do I need a grease trap or a grease interceptor?

    • How is the grease trap or interceptor size determined?

    • How often should I clean my grease removal device?

    • Is grease really a problem?

    • What about the residential grease contribution?

    • What can I do to comply with the regulations?

    • What happens if I am out of compliance? Will I be fined?

    • What is the difference between a grease trap and a grease interceptor?

  • GreenSwitch

    • How much electricity does the average home in Loveland use?

    • How will I be billed for GreenSwitch?

    • How will my electric bill be calculated?

    • What fuel sources will be used to generate my power?

    • What is the penalty for terminating my GreenSwitch subscription?

    • What length of subscription is required?

    • Will my electric rates change over time?

  • Hazardous Waste

    • Do I need to notify the City that my business discharges hazardous waste?

    • How do I know if my business is using hazardous products?

    • How does the notification process work?

    • What are hazardous wastes?

  • High Strength Sewer Surcharge

    • How can I lower my sewer surcharge amount?

    • How will affected customers be notified?

    • Shouldn’t my taxes pay for this?

    • What if I don't agree with the sewer surcharge?

    • What is a Sewer Surcharge?

    • Who should I contact for more information?

  • Home Energy Audit Program

    • How do I sign up?

    • How long does an energy audit take?

    • What is included in the Audit?

    • What is the benefit to having an energy audit?

    • What is the purpose of the program?

    • What measures are included in the direct install?

    • When will I receive my rebate?

    • Who can participate in this program?

    • Why am I not eligible for a rebate for a project I have already completed?

    • Why do I have to get an audit if I already know what type of project I want to do?

    • Why do I have to use a contractor off the Program Contractor List?

    • Will I have to be home during the assessment?

  • Home Energy Reports

    • Can customers opt out of this program / report?

    • Do the reports show personal information? Are there any privacy concerns?

    • Has the program been proven to deliver results?

    • How often are reports sent?

    • I have special circumstances. Why don’t you take these into account for the neighbor comparison?

    • Is my print report available via email?

    • Isn’t using less going to raise everybody’s rate?

    • What does the City do with the reports?

    • What is the purpose of the program?

    • Who are my neighbors?

    • Why are reports mailed separately from the Utility Bill?

  • Hydrozone Program

    • Can I increase my annual water budget?

    • How do I apply for a new development?

    • How does the hydrozone program work?

    • What happens if I exceed my annual water budget?

    • What if I need to replant and use more water in a given year?

  • LWP General

    • Am I required by LWP to have insurance on my water and/or wastewater service lines?

    • How do I landscape safely around LWP equipment?

  • Partnering with Power

    • Does the DCU hurt my air conditioner?

    • I have a DCU unit on my AC but, did not volunteer for this program?

    • My DCU is disconnected from my AC, what should I do with it?

    • What is a DCU?

    • What is partnering with power?

  • Post Lights

    • If LWP manages my post light, what services does this include?

    • What kind of bulb should I buy if I have an unmetered post light?

    • What should I do if my post light is not working?

    • Who is responsible for managing my post light?

  • Pretreatment

    • Does every business in the City have to be regulated by the Pretreatment Program?

    • What are Prohibited Discharge Standards?

    • What happens if a user does not comply with the Pretreatment Program requirements?

    • What is a Significant Industrial User (SIU)?

    • What is an industrial user?

    • What is pretreatment?

    • What types of users are regulated under the pretreatment program?

  • Ranch Water

    • How do I obtain water from the ranch water fill station?

    • How do I purchase a ranch water card?

    • How to I add value to my card?

    • What is ranch water?

  • Refrigerator and Freezer Recycling

    • How do I know if my unit qualifies?

    • How do I schedule a pick up?

    • How long will it take to receive my rebate?

    • How much energy will be saved through this program?

    • I have a smaller “dorm” size refrigerator that doesn’t work anymore. Can I have this unit recycled?

    • Isn't it better to keep using old refrigerators rather than throw them away?

    • What happens to my unit after it is taken away?

    • What is the purpose of the program?

    • When will the units be picked up?

    • Who can participate?

    • Why do I have to put the unit on the curb?

    • Why do I have to sign an ‘Affidavit of Lawful Presence in the United States’?

    • Why do units have to meet certain requirements? (Working and 10-30 cubic feet)

    • Why does the unit need to be plugged in and working at time of pick up?

    • Why don’t you offer a rebate for the purchase of a new refrigerator?

  • Tree Trimming

    • As a resident, what portion of tree trimming is my responsibility and what does LWP manage?

    • How does LWP determine if a tree needs trimmed near a power line?

  • Water Quality

    • Can I get my water tested?

    • Do I need a water softener?

    • Do I need water filtration system?

    • Does Loveland water contain fluoride?

    • Has the City of Loveland has tested for Perfluorinated Compounds (PFAS)?

    • Is algae in my drinking water?

    • Is it safe to drink/bath/cook etc. in discolored water?

    • Pink or black slime on fixtures/sink/shower/toilet/pet dishes?

    • Smelly dishwasher/garbage disposal/washing machine?

    • Water has a chlorine smell and/or taste?

    • Water has a musty or earthy taste and/or odor?

    • Water is white, fizzy or bubbly?

    • What is LWP doing about algae?

    • Why is my water discolored?

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