Ranch Water

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Ranch Water 2015

Loveland Water and Power offers bulk potable water, a feature used by a wide variety of customers including residential homeowners with cisterns, ranchers with livestock, and contractors with water tank trucks.

General Information

  • Located at the City of Loveland's Public Works Administration building on First Street, just east of the intersection of Wilson Avenue and First Street  
  • Cards cost $6.00 each and are re-useable
  • The prepaid card system only accepts U.S. paper currency in denominations of $1, $5, $10, or $20
  • Value can be added to cards anytime by inserting the card in the card reader and inserting in the slot marked “Insert Bills Here” 
  • Ranch Water Rate
  • Cards are like cash and will not be replaced if lost or stolen
  • Card issued has a blue and green City of Loveland logo and a gold chip with arrows printed on it with instructions
  • 2” residential over hang dispensary
  • 3" high volume commercial over hang dispensary

Purchase your Card

  • Purchase your card from unit marked “Card Revalue Center”
  • Push the $6 flashing button
  • Insert cash into slot marked “Insert Bills Here” (bills may be inserted face up or down, in either direction)
  • Issued card will appear from the slot located to the left of the slot marked “Insert Bills Here”
  • Quickly insert the card into the card reader slot with the gold chip facing upward - insert card into reader until it stops
  • Money deposited in excess of cost is added to card by inserting card into card reader - you have 30 seconds to insert the card into the card reader slot to have the excess amount added to the card
  • If the card is not inserted within 30 seconds, the money will be lost
  • More money can be added to the card by leaving card in the reader and inserting more bills into the slot marked “Insert Bills Here”
  • Do not remove card from the slot until the amount added is verified on the readout screen located to the left of the slot

Obtain Water

  • Place hose over tank opening
  • Insert card into slot until it stops ?? unit marked “Water Purchase Center” located to the left of the “Card Revalue Center”
  • Insert the card with the gold chip and arrows facing upward
  • Do not remove card while container is filling with water
  • Remove card only after water needed is dispensed
  • Use touch pad to select number of gallons needed.  Instructions for operations are written on unit next to the card reader
  • A stop button is provided in case you selected more water than is needed
  • After dispensing water, remove the card.  You will only be charged for the amount of water dispensed

Add Value to your Card

  • Use the “Card Revalue Center”
  • Insert card into the card reader slot with gold chip facing upward
  • Insert cash into the slot marked “Insert Bills Here”
  • Wait until new balance on card is displayed
  • Remove card from card reader

Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  - (970) 962-3720
After hours or on holidays, use pager (970) 290-4572 and leave your call back number