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LWP takes water quality very seriously and continuously strives to ensure safe, clean drinking water for our customers. The following, Water Quality Report provides important information regarding water quality, water service and contaminant levels to Loveland customers.

LWP is proud to report that the water provided to the community meets or exceeds established state and federal water quality standards. For a previous version of the report or to request a hard copy call us at 970-962-3000. 

Green Ridge Glade Reservoir, LWP's source water storage, does experience naturally-occurring, seasonal algae blooms. Typically algae blooms occur in the late spring, but due to a number of environmental factors such as sunlight and temperature, algae blooms may occur at unexpected times of the year. For similar reasons, some algae blooms are more intense than others.

Algae releases taste and odor compounds that are normally absorbed by carbon during the water treatment process. During an algae bloom, or increase in algae, taste and odor compounds can make it through the treatment process. While it may not be aesthetically pleasing, it is not harmful. 

In 2015 and 2016, LWP experienced the largest algae bloom and taste and odor events in Loveland's history. Those events lead to a comprehensive study for algae mitigation and taste and odor reduction.  

As a result of the study, LWP implemented several strategies to help reduce algae-related taste and odor.

  • LWP installed five SolarBee SB10000s mixers in Green Ridge Glade Reservoir.
  • Water Quality staff completed a powdered-activated carbon optimization study to improve taste and odor removal.
  • Water Quality staff increased taste and odor monitoring at the intake structure to the Loveland Water Treatment Plant.
  • LWP has contracted with a lake management company to apply algaecide to Green Ridge Glade Reservoir in the event of an unforeseen bloom. 
  • Water Quality

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