Water Quality Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Algae - Water Quality

    • Is algae in my drinking water?

    • Water has a musty or earthy taste and/or odor?

    • What is Loveland doing about algae?

  • Common Water Quality Concerns

    • Pink or black slime on fixtures/sink/shower/toilet/pet dishes?

    • Smelly dishwasher/garbage disposal/washing machine?

    • Water has a chlorine smell and/or taste?

    • Water is white, fizzy or bubbly?

  • Discolored Water - Water Quality

    • Is it safe to drink/bath/cook etc. in discolored water?

    • Why is my water discolored?

  • General Water Quality

    • Can I get my water tested?

    • Do I need a water softener?

    • Do I need water filtration system?

    • Does Loveland water contain fluoride?